Denver Food Culture Expands

Far.East.CenterSome of these are authentic Vietnamese restaurants who’s owners are a family. The restaurant is their livelihood and center of life. Its a passion for these people to share their culture and the food their family eats on a daily basis.  Now I am not saying they eat soup every day. The menu includes a selection of noodle bowls, rice bowls, plates and rolls; spring rolls goof, not a roll you get from Denny’s.  And what in the world are you doing eating at Denny’s, Applebee’s,  McDonald’s and the rest of those chain restaurants when we have such a growing diversification of food right here?

Denver is turning into a foodie city.  With the influx of people moving into Denver we have seen an explosion of culture and with culture comes food.  For those of us who moved to Denver some time ago, finding ethnic food was a drive through neighborhoods and lucking across an Indian establishment, Peruvian food, Ethiopian, or going to the Highlands for what was left of the Italian neighborhoods, or driving to South Federal Blvd where the Far East Center is located.  Other than those few areas we were starved for culture.  Well all of that has changed.

I know most of you are saying to yourself, “This guy hasn’t said Mexican food is cultural.” Ok people… really?  We are in the West and Mexican food is always readily available. There are food carts all over downtown Denver.  You can find food trucks all over the city.  The Highlands and Federal Blvd have always had the deepest concentration of Mexican cuisine.  From your “white people” Mexican, to your small family cantina’s where you get to eat what that family makes for itself every day.  That is the way it should always be.  If you don’t like that maybe you need to go to Hacienda Colorado.

Now onto Pho…



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