This is an opinion site.  I have no connection to any businesses, brands, or organizations so nobody is pulling my strings.  What words i say here are my own and I stand by them.  In no way am I fanatic person.  I’m not far right and I am not far left on anything and everything.  I sit firmly in the middle ground where objectivity, discussion, and sharing of thoughts and ideas make for personal growth and happiness.

Much like you I live my life with what is presented to me, what I seek out, and what I see through other peoples eyes.  Its not as if our every day is the making of a reality tv show, or even a made for TV drama.  We do the best we can, with what and who we can.

This is my share of what and how I see things in this world; starting with Denver, Colorado and every city, town, and road I travel.  We both learn something from the experience. You may not be able to go there… right now, or you may have already been there, but here you get to see how I view the experiences.

Life is short and every minute of our future is the unknown… We have total control and no control at all. A paradox of life warped by Hollywood movies, ludicrous tv fantasies, and fake Facebook lives.

Make a change and make decisions for what makes you and those around you happy.  When your surroundings are positive, so are you. Life is to short to have a shitty boss, bad pay, and perform the same tasks, with the same job, your whole life. Take your clothes off every know and again and jump into the lake.  A little shock, and a little change is good for the soul.


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