Facts Not Fiction

quote-faith-as-well-intentioned-as-it-may-be-must-be-built-on-facts-not-fiction-faith-in-fiction-is-a-thomas-edison-282650The intention of this section is to provide data and discussions points on social and economical constructs in our country, this world, and grounding livelihoods in facts and not emotionally based fictions.

Where Have Buttons and Zippers Gone?

29 March 2017

YogaClass1Where have the days of woman wearing buttons and zippers gone?  Yes you are scratching your head asking what the hell i am referring to.  Well what I am referring to is this. Yoga is a part of fitness and health.  The clothing is designed to be functional and comfortable, but it is also skin tight and in most cases shows more of your body than the general public wants to see.

I do understand people want the freedom to wear clothing that either expresses their personality, profession, or enthusiasm for new fashion, but some trends are not ok.  Just because you have a great body, or not, does not mean it’s ok to walk around public, basically nude.  We all need to have a level of social consciousness where we realize that its better to wear a trouser’s than skin tight almost see through yoga pants. Its not decent and in most cases gross and to most levels sexually explicit.

If you look at the pictures above I am relating this issue to men and woman.  We all have had the experience of the old man in cycling shorts where it looks like he is smuggling plumbs into the country.  Well the same goes for the girl showing camel toe, or even the attractive girl whose rear end we can see in full 3D detail.  Its to much folks.  Woman make the comments on the guys in cycle shorts in the mall, but yet its ok to show as much, if not more, in clothing designed for yoga class, or the gym?

People we cannot live in a society where everything and anything is “OK” and should not be considered offensive. If that were the case we would be devoid of standards, morals, and decency.  Just wear some shorts over your skin tight pants.  Leave a little to the imagination.  Take advice from Samantha Maffucci, of Your Tango and think before you wear something in public.  People will make judgements of you by what you wear and to think otherwise is just naive or just plain foolish.

If you are a man who wants to get respect from a woman you want to be friends with, or date, don’t show up dressed like a thug.  If your a woman who wants to get respect from guys, rather than been seen as a sexual object, don’t show up in skin tight clothing where nothing is left to the imagination.  I am not saying don’t wear a short skirt, or a tight sweater, but make sure enough of your body is covered where the wrong ideas, the one you don’t want others to think, come to that person, or person’s mind.

Be a better person.  That process includes reading more, being nicer to people you interact with, volunteering, assisting friends and family, or just smiling to one person every day.  But please think about what you will be wearing before going into public.  It would be horrible to have had a fantastic interview for a job, and then running into the person, who would be your boss, while you are half naked with your bum hanging out.  How could you ever come back from that?

Good Decisions and Bad Decisions

28 March 2017

Becoming a happy, healthy, and functional human being relies upon your ability to make good decisions while avoiding bad decisions.  Now we all may assume that this is common knowledge and that every person has the common sense to know that if they only have $3.00 in their pocket and need to take the bus home, and that ride is $2.65, that it’s a bad decision to buy a hamburger that is $2.50. Again this seems common knowledge, but a majority of people in our world cannot make this distinction in decision making and are unable to deal with the repercussions of their decisions making.

Lets dive deeper into the good and bad decision making process. According to Entrepreneur magazine the The 9 Characteristics of a Good Decision include the following:

  1. Good decisions positively impact others.
  2. Good decisions are replicable.
  3. Good decisions foster opportunity.
  4. Good decisions include others.
  5. Good decisions are executable.
  6. A good decision is systematic.
  7. Good decisions are accountable.
  8. Good decisions are pragmatic.
  9. Good decisions involve self-awareness.

You can click on the url above to dive deeper into each of these bullet points.

Now that we have listed some of the constructs to making a good decision how will you be able to summarize if you’ve made a good decision? Thanks to the Harvard Business Review they have written an article that discusses this conclusion deeper, but my summarization is that learning from bad decisions and not repeating them will lead to more decisions.  From your bad decisions you now have data to prove what bad decisions are.  Call this data wisdom, but it is data just the same.

What are and what makes bad decisions… And I am not referencing an Ariana Grande song.  Lets return to the Harvard Business Review and look at their main habits that lead to bad decision making.

  1. Laziness.
  2. Not anticipating unexpected events.
  3. Indecisiveness.
  4. Remaining locked in the past.
  5. Having no strategic alignment.
  6. Over-dependence.
  7. Isolation.
  8. Lack of technical depth.
  9. Failure to communicate the what, where, when, and how associated with their decisions

Please click on the url above to read this full article so these nine points have more context.

My analysis of this article is that if you are not cognizant of yourself, your surroundings, and what the difference between your needs and wants are, that you will be stuck on a path on continuous bad decisions.  The consequence being that your life will either stay the same, or get worse, but will not get better.  In no way does that mean you are unable to learn, the mass majority of all people have this ability, which is the ability to processes data, but the desire of the individual to learn from the data to make better decision is the key to success.

Some examples of accruing decision making data without involving personal experiences would include listening to people who have more life experience than you.  In the the past the saying “Listen to your elders” meant something and cultures followed that belief. Native American tribes would always have an elder in charge.  African tribes did the same.  Leaders of Western educational societies were the persons with the most accrued knowledge of experiences. It is only until the last 100 years have societies moved away from this practice and look at the results.  Poverty has only improved by 1.5%, family divorce has been at a 30-40% average since the late 1970’s.  Parents and grandparents were the people responsible for teaching children the art of decision making and providing a supportive structure where bad decisions were followed by support and education on what the child had done incorrectly and showing the child what the correct decision would have been.

As a brief summary on good and bad decision making lets stick with facts and not fiction.  A solid family life, or being surrounded by person’s who provide love and support for a child statistically shown an adult who will be able to make good decisions over bad the majority of the time.  Person’s who have open minds and are able to listen to others, have asked questions about other people and their experiences in life are also able to make better decisions for their life.

Take a moment and think about your life and everything you feel that has gone wrong.  In one column write every incident you can remember and next to it write the action that led to that decision.  In another column write down what you learned from those bad decisions that has lead you to not make that decision again.  With something so simple as personal data collection you will be able to improve your life by learning better decision making skills. If not… Well lets just say you are doomed to a future of your own making.

Good luck to you all.